How to Look Better in Video: Eight Easy Tips

Whatever you do these days there is a good chance that one day you are going to appear in video, either at a live streamed event or in a recorded interview. Even if you are usually behind the camera it's useful to know how to explain to someone how they can look better when they are facing a camera.

Like in everything else, practice makes you better, but you can save time by using these tested techniques.

CHECK CLOTHES, HAIR BEFORE START. Use a mirror or anything that reflects to make sure your hair is not sticking out, your collar is not out and so on.

MAINTAIN A SLIGHT SMILE so that you have a neutral expression on screen. TV makes a neutral expression look like a frown.

MOVE YOUR HEAD NOT EYES to change the direction of sight. Moving just your eyes to one side makes you look dishonest.

LEAN FORWARD SLIGHTLY in your seat because it looks much better than leaning back or sitting upright.

USE HAND GESTURES but limit the space you move them in to keep them in the frame.

KEEP YOUR TONGUE IN YOUR MOUTH because it does not look good if you lick your lips.

NEVER SCRATCH, FIDGET OR LOOK BORED when you are not talking. You might still be in the frame even if someone else is talking.

AT END WAIT BEFORE MOVING. It's looks bad if you just jump up and walk away as soon as your host says thank you. Sit where you are with your "face" on and wait ten seconds.

Specifically for interviews, it's also a good idea to answer questions so that the answer is not needed. This is very convenient when you need just a short clip and a standalone answer is much better than a question and response. It will also make editing much easier if you are careful to leave a pause between the question and the answer. When interviewer and interviewee overlap editing becomes much more difficult and your answer might not be used in the final edit just for that reason. That also explains why interviewers nod rather than saying "yes".

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