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Language Learning 2.0: Simple, Sensible Short Cuts to Mastering New Languages in the Web 2.0 Age

Often I meet people who are trying to improve their communications but at the same time are trying to do it in a language that is not their first. I understand the problem well since it is what I do myself most of the time, but over the years I have picked up some useful shortcuts to speaking and writing more effectively in other languages. Some I have discovered myself and others I have learnt from language coaches around Europe. Today I will share some of them with you. Traditional school methods are not suitable for busy people and are usually not focused at all on practical communications; there are many people who can conjugate verbs perfectly yet cannot make a simple presentation. A much more effective way is to follow these three tips: 1. DEFINE CLEAR, ACHIEVABLE GOALS. For each phase of your learning define a concrete and testable goal. For example, the first can be simply to go and buy something. A more advanced goal might be to deliver a simple presentation; a higher level g