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Three Simple Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking and Presenting

Fear of speaking and presenting are very common but they can impact your career and also create avoidable stress. I know because I can remember a time when I was terrified of public speaking and really hoped I would be struck by lightning before it was my turn. Now I look forward to it and actively look for opportunities to speak (in fact if you need a speaker get in touch). You can do the same just by following three simple tips: 1. PREPARE. You need to prepare your speech or presentation very carefully so that it is well structured, engaging and relevant. Structuring the content makes it easier to present and easier to follow, so divide it into clearly defined sections, each with a purpose. Make sure the content is also engaging by avoiding unnecessary detail and by using stories rather than facts. People always remember stories better than anything else. And make sure that the content is relevant to the audience. Take time to find out who they are and what they want -- ask the