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Recording Video Interviews: Three Non-Obvious Practical Tips That Make a Difference

In the YouTube age it's not just media pros who are recording TV interviews -- people in company PR, HR and training departments often find that they have to do it, too, and without any help. If you are in this position you probably discovered already that you can Google tutorials about how to use the equipment and also find plenty of lists of Important Things to Remember. What is missing is the kind of knowhow you normally learn the unpleasant way through experience. Here are some of these things for people who need to record a video interview: Three Non-Obvious Practical Tips That Make a Difference: 1. Always warm up the interviewee before you start the interview to make them relaxed and comfortable about talking in front of the camera. You can start by reassuring them you can re-record anything that doesn't work but more importantly ask a few other warm up questions before you start the real ones. 2. Keep your own mouth shut as far as possible . Don'

10 Things That Companies Do With Their Twitter Accounts but Maybe Shouldn't.

In the last post I gave seven reasons why companies should have a well managed Twitter account. Now I am going to explain what I meant by well-managed by listing 1 0 Things That Companies Do With Their Twitter Accounts but Maybe Shouldn't. Just to be clear, these are the things that you should NOT do: 1. Use the account only to retweet articles from other sources that they find interesting without adding anything about their own news and activities. You can do this with your private account but not for a company. 2. Tweet special offers and other routine trivia during a crisis. Yes, people have done this. 3. Tweet nothing for a month then send 20 tweets in 20 seconds. You would be amazed how many otherwise sensible companies do this. 4. Tweet just links to other pages without any content in the tweets. This is annoying and unfriendly. 5. Tweet replies to customers to contact them through other channels. If you have an account then use it. 6.