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Five Ways to Look More Impressive in a Video Call

Watch the gallery view in any video conference call or watch an inexperienced speaker trying to deliver a video workshop and you will notice that some people manage to look more impressive than others. How do they do it? And how can anyone do it without fancy equipment? There are five things that anyone can do right now: CAMERA AT EYE LEVEL . Place your camera so that the lens is at the same level as your eyes. Don’t lean over a laptop or phone. If you have a standing desk just raise it up to the right level. Otherwise place your laptop on a pile of boxes or books to bring it to the right height. If you are using your phone you can fix it to a tripod or place it on a shelf, but remember to always use it horizontally, like a TV. LIGHTING AND BACKGROUND . Before you start the call always check the lighting and background. Try to get as much light in front of you as you can – not behind or above – and keep the background uncluttered. Watch out for reflections on glasses and make s

Don't Grab That Lectern!

Most of the time the best policy for speakers is to stand out in the open. Don’t stand behind tables or lecterns if you can avoid it.  Standing in an open space is perhaps the most difficult for shy people, but is much more effective. Even standing beside the speaker’s table or lectern can be a good compromise, so you can peek at your notes but still be open to the audience. But there are some formal situations where you have to stand behind a lectern. Here you have no choice and you simply have to stand behind the lectern like everyone else. But you can still decide for yourself how to stand, and this can make a difference. Watching debates in the Swedish parliament I notice that there are some people who grab the lectern firmly with both hands, as if they are afraid it will try to run away, or if they are afraid of falling over. This projects insecurity and perhaps even a hint of aggression.  Other people rest their hands lightly on the top of the lectern, whic