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Going Beyond Google; How to Create Original Content

Search engines like Google are immensely powerful tools for finding information, but they have one serious drawback: when everyone is using the same resource everyone ends up writing content that is depressingly repetitive. Google many topics and you will find that often all of the pages that you can find with a simple keyword search contain the same information. When all goes well that is the same content you find in the Wikipedia page, but more often you find the same misinformation simply repeated. At this point anyone else trying to write about the same topic usually ends up citing the same facts, anecdotes, evidence and stories that everyone else has cited, for the simple reason that everyone is Googling the same keywords and finding the same pages. By simply Googling a topic and then writing more content based on the same information you are unlikely to add anything new to human knowledge and understanding. So how do you create original content that doesn't simp