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Social Media's Unicorn: Networks Without Effort

Unless you are a spy, a recluse or in a witness protection program you need to be on at least the most important social networks. You need this for networking, to establish an online reputation or simply to protect you brand.  But maintaining a presence even on a handful of major sites can take time. After "do i really have to do this stuff" the most common question I hear is "isn't there a tool that does all this automatically?" No there isn't and there never will be. There will always be tools that do part of the work -- we will look at these in a moment -- but there is not going to be a tool that can create and maintain accounts across all the important sites without any effort on your part. You are no more likely to find one than you are to find a unicorn in the woods. But while you are searching you will find plenty of things that might not be so flashy but at least they exist. Why is automation so hard?  To begin with the social network land