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Why Being a Connector Makes Your Networking More Effective

One of the keys to good networking is to help the people in your network. Often this help is some specialist knowledge or the answer to a question, but another very powerful technique is to help people by connecting them to someone you know who could help them. Maybe one day you meet me and you learn that I am interested in more speaking opportunities. Next week you meet someone who is looking for a speaker just like me so you connect us. We both benefit because we get something we are looking for; you benefit by having two more people who are grateful to you for the introduction. This approach is especially useful for helping people who know more about your own field than you do. Even if they are at the top of their specialty you can still help them by introducing them to someone else that they don't know. But connecting other people in your network is also very important for three other reasons: ENHANCES YOUR REPUTATION . When you are a top technical expert you can build a