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What Speakers can Learn from Rock Guitar Solos

Turning a good speech into a great speech is a challenge. There might be writers who can draft a perfect speech and there might be actors skilled enough to perform it convincingly. But for everyone else the best way to make a compelling speech is to focus on structured ideas and improvise the actual words. Once the basic outline of the speech is defined one of the best ways to take it from the good to great level is to evolve the content . Test the first version with an audience and note their reaction, especially the parts that resonate and the parts that felt flat. Now try making some changes to the parts that didn't work and do another test run with a different audience, noting again which parts worked well and which need work. Keep repeating this process until all of the parts resonate with the audience and you feel that the entire speech is at your best level. This approach to evolving content works find when you have plenty of opportunities for testing. This could be