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Three Keys to Networking: Simple, Proven Methods for Beginners and Experts

Networking is an essential element of any influencing strategy and mastering the use of networks is a skill you will need to develop social and political intelligence. But while most people understand the need, not quite so many realize that the essentials of good networking are actually very simple. You can, in fact, sum them up in just three keys: Know People, Build Trust, Share Needs. KNOW PEOPLE: Without people you don't have a network so you need to meet more people, either face-to-face or virtually. Just meeting someone isn't enough. You also need to get their contact information -- never go anywhere without your business cards -- and also find out something about what they do. Don't forget to make sure you also give your contact info and say what you do. Look for opportunities to meet people: attend conferences, go to networking events or join professional associations. Consider also volunteering for some kind of service, which gets you more visibility.