Crowdsourcing User Needs for a Book

When the first edition of my book about professional networking, Payforward Networking, was first published in 2015  it was based on the workshops I did for business school students and focused mainly on the core concepts that could be taught in one day. So it explained why networking is so important, how it works and ways of doing it in real life and online, but it didn't focus so much on details like practical mingling tips or the needs of specific groups.

But at the end of the book there was an extra chapter where I invited readers to ask about any other aspects of networking they were interested in. If the reader's question wasn't answered by the book I would, I promised, answer it either directly or through the writing of a new chapter. Many people took up this offer and asked questions that inspired new chapters. I sent a draft of each new chapter to the person who first suggested it.

Now all of these additional chapters have been gathered together in the revised and expanded second edition of Payforward Networking, which is now available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. This new edition covers in much more details about practical mingling techniques, how to use public speaking for networking, activity-based networking, networking for students, rainmaking, networking architecture and connections in high places.

In this new edition this same promise is maintained. Read through the first 26 chapters and if your professional networking question has still not been answered chapter 27 invites you to ask me for help through social media or email. For quick questions I might answer directly through social media; where a new chapter is needed I will send you a draft as soon as it is written. A final version will be included in the next edition.

You can order Payforward Networking from Amazon here.

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In addition to writing books about networking Andrew Hennigan also delivers lectures and workshops on th same topic for universities, business schools, companies and anyone else who is interested. You can contact him for details at or 0046 73 089 44 75.


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