Three Ways Social Media Helps Recruiting

Why should a company use social media as part of the recruiting process? There are at least three good reasons that are valid both for small businesses and large organizations.

Probably the most common way that companies use social media is simply to raise awareness of job opportunities. Since social media has, in theory, global coverage by posting to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter you reach a much greater population than traditional job advertising. If you craft the post so that it is very appealing random people will also share it to their network, making it even more visible. That's the reason why a job ad should never be boring. But there are two obstacles to this: there are no truly global social media -- you might need to use multiple channels to reach your target demographics -- and some people spend very little time reading content, they just post their links then move on.

Where social media really helps companies to find better talent is in social network data mining. Back in the day you would advertise a job, some people would apply, you would sort through hundreds of CVs, interview the most promising candidate and then make the choice. Today you can get a premium LinkedIn account and simply search for all the people with the qualities you are looking for then reach out to the ones that look most interesting. The advantages of this approach are that you reach even people who maybe are not thinking of a new job and that the whole process is much simpler, faster and cheaper. You don't reach everyone this way, though, because there are still a few people who refuse to use LinkedIn, but maybe you don't want someone unfamiliar with the business tools of our century anyway.

But there is also another reason for using social media in your recruiting, A well-managed, professional looking social media campaign can foster a favorable climate for the recruiting by creating a favorable image of your company.  Most young people and many older people would be deterred from applying for a job at a company that appears to be clueless about social media. This is sometimes viewed as an alarm system that the workplace still has a 1990s feel or worse. By demonstrating an understanding of social media practice the company will look much more attractive, even if the position is actually filled in some other way.

Managing social media effectively is neither difficult nor expensive. Anyone can learn to manage the process and to operate the social media machinery with simple workshops and courses. But since the technology is continually evolving you also need to keep up with new developments to be effective.

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