How to Find More Ideas for Company Blog Posts

When you are given the task of writing a company blog there will probably be times when you run out of ideas to write about. You can draw inspiration from the company's news releases or scheduled events, but there are bound to be days when there are neither. What do you do in these cases?

Luckily there are dozens of ways to find ideas for interesting and original posts that will be relevant to your customers and other stakeholders. Here are just five to get you started:

BUILD ON CUSTOMER QUESTIONS. Go through all the questions people ask the company by mail, phone or social media. For every person that asks a question there are a thousand others who have the same problem so pre-empt these questions with answers on the blog. That will give you content that both appeals to customers and at the same time maybe reduces the number of mails and calls you get.

SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU. Search also through social media for posts made by users about your products or products like yours. Read reviews on Amazon and search for articles in media. Look for the concerns and issues customers and potential customers have and use these to inspire you. Perhaps someone has found an interesting use for your product, or maybe it has an unexpected advantage.

BRING MORE PEOPLE INTO THE PROCESS. You should also be bringing more people into the creative process. Invite everyone in the company to suggest topics. One writer can easily run dry after a few years so bring in some fresh ideas like they do on comedy shows.

RECYCLE OLD BUT USEFUL CONTENT. Don't be afraid to take a popular post from a few years ago, update it and repost it. People aren't going to read your archives looking for old posts. If you wrote it more than a year ago nobody remembers it and nobody will go searching for it.

FIND INSPIRATION ON QUORA. Finally, check out also the high-end social Question and Answer site Quora, which has inspired many of my own blog posts, including this one, which is based on my answer to a Quora question How do you come up with ideas for posts to a company blog?

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