Seven Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Properly Managed Twitter Account

There are still companies that either don't have a Twitter account or -- maybe worse -- have an account that is not properly managed. In my experience there are two reasons why this is so: either they don't know why they need an account or they do but they just don't know how to run it. Today we'll deal with the first problem; I'll come back to the other later.

So, why does a company need a properly managed Twitter account? Here are seven very good reasons.

1. BRAND PROTECTION. If you are not registering your brand somebody else might hijack it either to attack you or to try and make money selling it to you later. If you are the PokaPola company make sure that @pokapola belongs to you and not some student in Shanghai. It's free, it's easy.

2. FAST NEWS DELIVERY. When crisis strikes believe me there is no faster way to reach stakeholders than through Twitter. You can access it from any mobile phone and reach a global audience in seconds. CNN can't do better.

3. GATHERING FEEDBACK. Time was when to find out what consumers thought you had to pay pollsters to go ask them. Now they fling their comments at you free of charge through Twitter.

4. SHOW ENGAGEMENT. Social media allow two-way communication with customers and other stakeholders. Not having them looks like a closed door but just having an account shows you are open to dialog.

5. STREAMLINE CALL CENTERS. Many questions and requests from customers can be handled more quickly and more cheaply through Twitter. It's cheaper than phone calls and many customers prefer it.

6. BUILD COMMUNITY. By creating spaces where you can engaging with stakeholders you build a spirit of community that traditional one-way communications could never achieve.

7. CREATE PUBLIC RECORD. When your call center makes a customer happy nobody gets to hear about it. Your outstanding service on Twitter is not only visible to everyone, it even gets archived by the Library of Congress.


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