How a Campaign Ideas Notebook Helps Creativity

Ideas come when they come, rarely precisely when you need them. One easy way to make sure that you have ideas when you need them is to write them down as they come.

This is the simplest approach for coming up with any ideas but it is specially useful for a digital marketing campaign. Most of the time ideas for new campaigns are not entirely original. They are just ideas that have worked elsewhere, variants of existing ideas or the combination of two or more ideas in one campaign.

You could rely on your memory to come up with a campaign idea every time that you need one, but you will find it much easier if you simply write down every campaign idea you hear about over the years. Then when you need to come up with an idea you just leaf through the book and refresh your memory. Your campaign ideas "notebook" can be a physical notebook, a box full of loose papers or a file in the cloud that you can easily access when you need it. The form doesn't matter so much except that an electronic version is easier to search.

In your notebook you can have essential basics like the classic Instagram hashtag photo competitions where consumers post photos with the campaign hashtag and receive some reward,. Write down also interesting twists on old ideas and new thoughts you might have, especially for new channels. You can also add the more ambitious campaigns that might be useful one day when there is a big budget available. Make a note of all the great campaigns because memory is not terribly reliable . Even ambitiously creative campaigns like the Tippex "A Hunter Shoots a Bear" Experience, Walker's Crisps "Do us a Flavour" and the British Airways "Look Up" are soon forgotten.

But it's the little ideas that will fill most pages of your book and hardly a day goes by where you won't add another page. Collecting the ideas a little at a time means that the effort is minimal, but the day that the boss demands a new campaign idea by the end of the day you can pull out a few appropriate ideas and you will be glad that you saved them all.

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